Freezer Gourmet

Hi all! I've started a new blog devoted to feasting from your freezer. It is called The Freezer Gourmet, and my hope is to share everything I've learned from OAMC (Once a Month Cooking). Although OAMC is kind of a misnomer for me--I generally do more mini sessions with one kind of meat. I have done full cooking days, but it is harder for me to fit that into my schedule--so a mini session works. I also do mini sessions when I do my monthly dinner swap. I make the same meal X amount of times (depending on how many people are participating in a given month) and freeze them. Depending on the type of meal, I can do this in one afternoon (for a marinade type meal), or two (for a casserole).

In December of last year, not only did my group do a dinner swap, but we also did a cookie swap. Cookies are another great thing to freeze--both the cookie dough, and the cookies themselves. In fact, the cookies from that swap graced school lunches for a couple of months into the new year.

If you are interested in freezer cooking, go check my blog out. I think you will be glad you did!


Jennifer said...

I'm going to have to check out your new site. I've been so lazy in the kitchen these days, I've always thought about freezing dinners, but actually never get around to it because I don't really know how!

... yes, that's right, I don't know how to freeze a dinner. ;-) Do you do it fully cooked? Uncooked? How do you wrap it? Just cover it with foil?

The questions are ENDLESS! LOL!

Rae Ann said...

What a fun idea! Here in Texas we have Super Suppers, which is the same sort of idea. I'll check out your other blog.

I'm following you from the MBC Under 100 Club. I'm looking forward to reading more!

Marie Reed said...

Hi! I'm over from the FMC/MBC and am following you now!