Transformers Rock!

You know, growing up in the 80's--you would think that I would remember the Transformers. I guess I do remember them, but I was never into them (hell---ooooo, that's a boy thing, and I'm a girlie girl). I sure don't remember them being as cool as they are now. I didn't even see the first movie until a couple of days ago. My son wanted to watch it to prepare for the advent of the second movie. So we watched it. And I loved it!

Today we went to see the premier of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. And even though it was on my list of movies to see this summer, it wasn't one I was really dying to see (unlike the new Harry Potter movie!). And wow--almost 3 hours of non-stop action. And it was awesome.

Just thought you should know. I managed to drag myself out of my pj's and see a movie. And I had a great time hanging with my boy. Just the two of us. Yep, awesome.


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