Angels and Demons

No, not the movie. As I was perusing Momstar's blog yesterday, I came across one of her random thoughts. It was basic: An angel and a demon died today. But so blatant in what she meant. I imagine if you are 10 or more years younger than me, the Michael Jackson you know is Wacko Jacko. The man who never grew up--or never got to be a child. I remember the younger Michael of the 70's and 80's. Much more exciting. Awesome music. Somewhat normal.

The angel--well, Charlie's Angel. Farrah has had her own ups and downs in life. Don't forget her Playboy spread. But, she was a woman living her life. She has had her own struggles--of course, the cancer. Her relationships. Her son. I think her life could be called far from angelic.

Anyway. I love the play on words. Although I don't believe so much in the correlation.