Depression Rears Its Head (yeah--it's UGLY!)

I never really thought that I was prone to depression. I've always been pretty even tempered--never really high high or low low. But when my daughter ran away (she was later diagnosed as clinically depressed), depression set in. I don't know if it was the extreme low that I was at...I mean, I was so extremely worried about her. And wondering how much was my fault. And even when she came back, and got help, well...the extreme low was still there.

Fast forward a bit--even though she is getting help, I still worry about her. I am still struggling with my own depression--which these day seems to be brought on by who knows what. 2 weeks ago a tragedy happened in our neighborhood. On my birthday. My 40th birthday. And a week later, my dog pinched a vertebrae. Overnight he went from a happy, healthy dog to a paralyzed, miserable dog. (on the bright side, he IS doing better).

Normally I would roll with the punches. But, I haven't been physically or emotionally healthy for a while. And these two things just knocked me for a loop. I have kind of just curled up into a ball and hibernated. I have probably lost one of my writing accounts because I haven't contacted them--and I don't even have a good reason to give them for my absence. It sucks.

I can only hope that things will get better. Maybe they are already starting to. I am blogging, after all...


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