Splitting Expenses

In my travels across the internet, I came across this blog: Splitting Expenses. I am hoping that she will keep sharing information (as the blog is quite new!). I hate to say this term--In today's economy--but, in today's economy we are all in the perfect position to spend money more wisely and be green while doing it. I love the idea of splitting expenses for things with my friends and family, and I will be looking for more tips to do so. I already participate in a meal swap. Not only does this help fill up my freezer, it frees up my time.

I am hoping that the cooking that we are doing with the neighborhood kids will help with this as well. We are already sharing expenses by buying many of the ingredients in bulk, we are also sharing the idea of helping each other out. I feel lucky as many of these families are already participating in our meal swap. I am hoping we can get together to start sharing other expenses.

On another note, what do you think of bartering? We had to take my dog to the vet on Monday because he has lost the use of his back legs. Things are pretty tight on the money front here, so my daughter asked the vet if she could work for her to pay the vet bills. We live in a very small town and have known the vet for years--so she already knows that Morgaine's goal in life is to work with animals in some fashion. She agreed.

And for those who want to know about my dog--he is a dachshund, a breed noted for extreme back problems. He has apparently pinched a vertebrae (probably rough housing with our other dogs--who are all bigger than he is). He has almost no feeling in his back legs, and can barely move them. We have been told to keep him confined to a box (although we can take him outside for potty breaks) and to keep pinching his feet and legs. With any luck, he will completely recover. If not, we will have a disabled pooch on our hands (because if his quality of life is not affected we will not have him put down). Morgaine has already posted an ad on CraigsList looking for a doggy wheelchair...


Melli said...

Hi There, So sorry to hear about your sweetest baby dog, that is just to say, I'm keeping him in prayer for healing.
I really like your site here girl you did good lol