Mad Cow (when will the madness end?)

U.S. Mad Cow Disease

Does it ever seem to you that the government could really care less about the safety of its people? I would like to say that I live in the best country in the world--the one where everyone has healthcare, the government is concerned about the environment, and there are not a zillion reality TV shows on television every night. The Mad Cow article brings me back to reality, though. This article is just one among many that make me realize that George W. doesn't really care if we all contract spongiform encephalopathy. I love my steak--I don't really want to have to worry about what eating it may do to my mind. On the other hand, we live in a world in which we all believe that bad things will not happen to us. It isn't until it starts happening to us that we begin to do something about it. Maybe these scares will wake up U.S. citizens enough to protest our testing policies and work to change them. The world can be a better place--it can be the place of my dreams. Now, who do I call about canceling The Real Gilligan's Island?
Dinner Anyone?

Well, since life is so crazy, I am finally biting the bullet and doing something about actually feeding my family. Tomorrow I will slave over a hot stove for two hours while putting together a month's worth of meals for my poor, underfed family. Actually, I am trying a new (to me) service offered in Las Vegas, Dream Dinners.

This company takes the best of two worlds--frozen food and restaurant food--and mixes it up into a quick, easy solution for feeding your family. Actually, I won't be slaving, I will be assembling meals and bringing them home to put in my freezer. Maybe dinner time will become a little less of a hassle!

For more dinner saving ideas (which have actually worked for me at various times in my life), see:

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Social Security Bypasses Privacy for "Security"

I am getting really tired of the government invading my privacy under the guise of the "safety of the people." When are Americans going to learn that we are giving away all of our rights--everything our forefathers fought for? I agree that we need to do more to prevent terrorism, but I also feel that there has to be a better way than invading my right to privacy to get it. In a perfect world there would be no abuses in these forays allegedly designed to protect people from terrorism--but hey, in a perfect world there would be no terrorism. What I am very afraid of is that the government is amassing all of these "rights" legally to investigate people, and at some point they are going to abuse their power and use it to investigate any person for any reason. Big Brother is watching...

Lions Rescue Girl

How bizarre is this story? Lions rescue a girl in Ethiopa who had been kidnapped and beaten in an attempt to force her to marry one of her captors. Living in the United States, it is hard for me to grasp the concept of wanting to marry someone who didn't want to marry you back. Or to kidnap a twelve year old girl. This is certainly more bizarre than the fact that three lions chased off her captors and stood guard until help arrived, although that is strange as well. Wildlife experts speculate that the lions might have mistaken her crying for the mewls of a cub. But she is still a child, don't you think?
Things I love about summer:

  • It is warm outside
  • I don't have to drive to Las Vegas everyday for school
  • Lots of sunlight
  • Fresh fruit
  • The POOL!

Things I hate about summer:

  • I am as busy as ever (2 classes in the summer IS full time!)
  • Sunburn
  • Mom Chauffeur (but my daughter is about to turn 16 and get her license)

Oh well...can't win them all, I guess.

Brooke McEldowney has created a wonderful series of cat cartoons--they often fit my mood exactly!
Say what?

I spent the day searching the web for a job I am "qualified" for--for an assignment in my technical writing class. Although I am only 6 months away from a BA in English--I am so woefully underqualified for everything! What is the world coming to? Everyone has to have 5-7 years experience in their field before they can even get a job! It is a vicious cycle--to get a job you have to have experience, but to get experience you have to have a job! Blah! Hiss, hiss.....