Karl Malden

Sigh. Yet another celebrity has moved out of this world an on to the next.

I loved Karl Malden. He was the veteran cop assigned to the Homicide Division and tasked with the job of teaching Michael Douglas all the tips and tricks of being an effective detective. Michael Douglas was the pretty one...but I loved Karl Malden.

He was the Reverend Paul Ford in Pollyanna--a childhood favorite.

He reminds me of family.

Karl Malden died today. He was 97. He had a long life, married to the same woman for 70 years. A great career, great offspring. He won an Academy Award (Best Supporting Actor) for his role as Harold "Mitch" Mitchell in A Streetcar Named Desire.

I will miss him.


tanya said...

I love old movies and studied film. Karl Malden was an incredible actor. Pollyanna is a movie I love to this day. He was also in the the classic movie '
A Street Car...'which I am sure you know.
Imagine being married for that long! What an incredible career he had and a happy long marriage. Fantastic.
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