Perky Blogger!

Thanks to Yonca over at Yonca's Kitchen for the Perky Blogger Award she graced me with:

I am passing on the award to some of my favorite bloggers:

JoAnna at The Adventures of Saia and Chago
The Audacity of an Optimistic Pessimist
Laurie at Guessing All the Way (Tales from a Clueless Mom)
Daisy at Dusty Barks

After grabbing please make a post of this award on your blog then link the person who gave the award to you. Also, please pass this award on to bloggers you choose.

Have a healthy and happy weekend!


Clueless_Mama said...

Whitney, What can I say? I got teary-eyed when I saw my 1st Blogger Award!!! I have always been so sad when I saw other peoples sites with award, after award. Well, now I am on my way, Thanks to you my friend. LOL
I appreciate you thinking of me! Glad you got your tickets. My award is displayed proudly. Come check it out. I am deciding who to pass it on to!

Daisy said...

Hi Whitney,

Wow, we sure got a great surprise this morning. I woke up and I was still super sleepy. I logged on and I was like what! LOL! Thank you so much for thinking of us and we are ecstatic! We are defintely passing it along!

~Daisy and Dusty