Woohoo! Another Giveaway

Oh, I am sooooo excited! Remember me telling you about The Adventures of Hashbrown Winters? Well, the author--Mr. Frank Cole--has generously offered, as a giveaway, not one--but two! of his books to my readers. That is one to keep, and one to give away to that special someone who is just dying for a good book! And, both copies are signed by the author!

How about that for an awesome giveaway???

Ok, so here's the blurb about the book:

What sort of trouble can a fifth-grader possibly get into? Well, if you attend an unusual school called Pordunce Elementary and you happen to be a student by the name of Hashbrown Winters, there truly is no limit. At this school, almost everyone has earned a strange nickname and half of the fun of the story is finding out why.

When Hashbrown crosses paths with the school’s number one bully, Hambone Oxcart, it sets the stage for a hilarious showdown. Hashbrown’s in some serious trouble. It is going to take the help of his closest friends, Whiz Peterson and Snow Cone Jones, some advice from the all-seeing Oracle and an appointment with Cordovo Figanewty, leader of the sixth-grade mafia to save his neck.

And the author:
Frank Cole was born in a quiet town in Kentucky where he spent most of his childhood sharing exaggerated stories for show and tell. He now lives in Utah with his wife and three children. One of Frank’s greatest claims to fame was when he was rushed to the emergency room as a third-grader after falling out of Hashbrown Winter’s tree house. If he had a nickname it would be Frankie the “Phantom”. The Adventures of Hashbrown Winters is Frank’s debut novel.
Now--here are the details to enter this fine giveaway--any one (or more, each constitutes and entry):
  1. Facebook or Twitter about the book. Include a link to HashbrownWinters.com. Leave a note in the comments stating which one (or two different comments if you did both). Bonus--extra entry if you "friend" me on Twitter--leave a comment for each thing you've done.
  2. Facebook or Twitter about the giveaway, linking to this post. Note that this is different than the previous entry option--which is solely about the book.
  3. Go to HashbrownWinters.com and ask the writer a question. Leave some comment love so I know you did it.
  4. Blog about the book on your blog along with a link to HashbrownWinters.com and leave me a link in the comments.
  5. Blog about the giveaway on your blog along with a link to this post. Please do not combine posts if you opt to do both #4 and #5. They should be separate posts. Leave me a note (or notes) in the comments.
And of course, if you just can't wait to get the book, you can always buy it here:


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