A Music Meme

Oh! And yesterday's winner post was my 100th post on this blog! Woohoo!

The Rules:
(1) Turn on your MP3 player.
(2) Go to SHUFFLE songs mode.
(3) Write down the first 15 songs that come up--song title and artist--NO editing/cheating, please.

My small but powerful RCA Pearl mp3 player
1. Changes in Latitude - Jimmy Buffet
2. I'll Keep Your Memory Vague - Finger Eleven
3. Owner of a Lonely Heart - Yes
4. Remember the Time - Michael Jackson
5. Tainted Love - Pussycat Dolls
6. Rocket Queen - Guns and Roses
7. Tangled - Maroon 5
8. Piano Concerto No 1 - Peter Tchaikovsky
9. Switch - Will Smith
10. You Don't Know Me - Lisa Loeb
11. Purple Rain - Prince
12. My Opinion III - Pato Banton
13. Time to Take Out the Trash - Brad Sucks
14. The Myth of Love - Georgia Satellites
15. Tube Snake Boogie - ZZ Top

Ummm...yeah. I have very eclectic music tastes! Thanks to my friend Emily for this meme!

MySpace Playlist at MixPod.com


shraddha@theselfloveproject said...

cool meme..

thsi player will be playing on my computer for a while..lol!!!