White House Vegetable Garden

I have to tell you--I love this idea. As the years have passed, I have made an (not concerted...) effort to get back to basics. I have decluttered my house on many an occasion (thanks, Flylady!), simplified the Christmas gift giving process, and tried to grow my own garden.

Of course, I live in the desert, where several 115° days are not uncommon in the summer. And since we moved into this new house (5 years ago), I have had trouble with the hard clay soil. This year, though, is different. With my husband's help, I've built some raised beds and filled them with "good" soil from the hardware store. I already have my tomato plants planted, and I have plans for cucumbers, squash, peppers, beans, melons, and various herbs. So to read an article like this gives me a "feel-good" sensation, which is always nice!

Think about growing your own garden. It's a good idea for many reasons--it will save you money, it will help you get closer to nature, the fresh vegetables are not only better for your body--but the taste is sooooo much better than anything you can get at the grocery store. If you don't have space for a garden, consider checking into a local community garden. And if you live in the desert (like I do), putter along trying to make it work. Go to your local cooperative extension office.

Someday, you'll thank me.