What a Life we Lead

In the wanderings of my mind this morning, I started thinking about how much our life today is the same as it has been throughout time. Yes--I know how different things are, but I sometimes think we dwell on that too much. Let's take a look at what's the same about our lives...
  • We sleep every night. Pretty much in some kind of bed, be it made out of pine needles and a makeshift blanket or the plushest feather bed around.
  • We wake up every morning, probably hungry.
  • We feed ourselves and our family.
  • We work--either at home or someplace else. We can perhaps compare this to hunter-gatherer societies where some go out hunting during the day and others stay closer to home gathering.
  • We raise our children.
  • We love. Our spouses, our family, our friends. We love them all.
  • We worship some kind of higher power (let's leave this one open to interpretation a bit--I may believe in some kind of God, and another may believe in Science, and another may believe in Philosophy, and yet another may believe in Money, and so on, and so on, and so on...)
  • We crave company--even if today it is just some kind of internet companionship or connection.
  • We create art, from the littlest doodles to the biggest cave drawings.
I don't really know what my point is for all of this. I just felt compelled to think about it, and to share it with you. Our basic history is the same, for all that we are different. Maybe it is just time for me to think about the similarities...