CNBC - Snake Oil Salesmen?

Did you happen to see Jim Cramer from Mad Money on The Daily Show? Admittedly, Jon Stewart is a comedian, but his canvas is the media. So when he is poking fun at the media, not only is he showing us the ridiculousness of it all, he is showing us how it really is.

Here's the video if you didn't see it:

It is unusual for Jon Stewart to actually get mad on his show, but you know what--he is mad, and so should we all be. Unfortunately for Jim Cramer, he has become the face of this (at least on the Daily Show), but he is just one of many. We should all be angry at how we were duped by the financial industry, and we should be mad at those who were supposed to protect us from such folly, and we should be furious at the irresponsibles (not) reporting about it until it was too late.

Anyway, my point really is that we should all be paying attention to what is happening in our world. I am not hot on the idea of a populist uprising in response to our economy, but I am mad, and I think we are all responsible for keeping ourselves informed on what's going on.

What did Obama say? "We should not govern in anger..." This is true whether you are the head of a country, head of a state, head of a city, or head of a family. But, damn it, it's hard sometimes...