What Did I Do?

Hmmm...what have I done all week? I don't really remember, except the part about feeling sorry for myself. I do know that I ended up with one heck of a migraine earlier in the week, and I have been a bit swamped with work. But whatever...I'm back now!

Yesterday my daughter took me out to celebrate a late Mother's Day (and it wasn't even guilt on her part!). We went out to dinner and got pedicures. She offered to take me to a Writer's Workshop that she is joining, but the pedicures ran late so we didn't make it.

Since I've changed my attitude about my writing, that is going much smoother as well. Although I am not making a ton of money from my articles, I am actually getting writing jobs--which is certainly an improvement!

Apparently we all just need to have an attitude adjustment every now and again. Like regular maintenance on cars or computers. And speaking of computer maintenance...I think I am going to give in and take my computer in to be cleaned up. It is running sooooooo slowly, and I don't think I can take it anymore.

Luckily there are no less than 3 (three!) laptops in this house so I will still have computer access.

Whew. Well, that's all folks. Just a reminder to maintain yourself and make sure you get an attitude adjustment monthly. It really makes a difference.