6 Reasons to Hate Mother's Day

from StrollerDerby.com

  1. It was originally an antiwar holiday, but was defanged and corrupted to be about cards and flowers and brunch.
  2. It was originally an antiwar holiday, meaning you should be vigiling or writing letters to Congress when all you want is to sleep in and have brunch.
  3. The hoopla over it as compared to Father's Day just proves how society still expects moms to do most of the parenting.
  4. The one time someone takes you to brunch, everyone else is doing it and there's a 45 minute wait.
  5. Someone will always bring up the false idea that Mother's Day is a top suicide day, in case you felt like forgetting to mail the cards in time or not arranging your day to plump the self-esteem of every mother in your extended family was forgivable just this once.
  6. All the attention is not about you anyway, it's just about the part of you people have been overemphasizing since your first kid was born anyway.
And the reasons that I hate Mother's Day:
  1. I obviously expect way too much. A "Happy Mother's Day" statement from my kids (which I got) should be enough.
  2. The lame joke I get from my husband every year--"You're not my mother."
  3. Because I foolishly expect that if I ask someone to do something on this particular day, it might actually get done, when, in reality, I should know that this day is NO DIFFERENT than any other day.
  4. Because I always end up crying.
Random Thoughts:
  1. Breakfast in bed is over-rated.
  2. Crying gives me a headache.
  3. My dogs love me.
  4. I wish my house was painted and my mortgage was paid.