Outlook + Twitter = OutTwit

Ah ha! My newest favorite app is OutTwit. This sweet little app allows me to actually keep track of all those cool people I'm following by sorting them into their own folders in Outlook. It also lets me tweet right from Outlook, which--as a freelancer--is always open on my computer. I can send a quick tweet without having Twitter opened up in one of my precious tabs (and I always seem to have a lot of them open--at this very second I have eight of them), and it automatically updates my Facebook page.

Whoops! Now my secret is out! You all now know that I don't really Facebook all day long.

Yep, it's true...I log into Facebook maybe once a week.

The best part of OutTwit is really the sorting of my friends' tweets, though. So many of those I choose to follow are writers themselves, and they tweet such awesome information.

Some of the jewels:
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blog__tips Your Blog vs. The World: 7 Steps To Winning The War for Attention http://bit.ly/qolUf

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