Unite for Hunger and Hope

I was going through my email (you know--deleting the junk mail, responding to the important stuff, and enjoying the rest) this afternoon, and I came across an email inviting me to UNITE FOR HUNGER AND HOPE. Well, sheesh--I am always up for a good uniting, so I clicked the link, read the info, and decided that I would definitely participate! I personally have never experienced real hunger (and I hope I never do), but that doesn't mean I would wish it on anyone else. You all know how much I love food--and that love is something I certainly want to share with the rest of the world. Good food, that is. Although I imagine that for some people, any food would be better then nothing. Or maybe not.

Did you happen to see Wall-E? It occurred to me whilst I was watching it that the food they were eating was not the best food for them. Actually, what really struck me was that we (the U.S. and the world) are heading right in that direction--that if we don't watch ourselves, the human race will end up just like the human race did in Wall-E. Social commentary. At least that's how I saw it. Which isn't to say I didn't love the movie--because I actually did. But--sheesh, people. Take care! You are what you eat!

Luckily, we can help those who don't have food get some. Bloggers, Unite, ya'll. :)