100 Days of Hope (Let's Stop the Hunger)

One of the many problems in the world today is world hunger. And by world, I want to make sure you understand that I absolutely include the U.S. in that. I am thrilled that President Obama is addressing that issue. I am doing what I know I can do (which, I am sure, is not nearly enough).

At the G20 summit in London this month, Obama announced that he intends to double U.S. assistance for global agricultural productivity and rural development. He also called for a comprehensive food security strategy to alleviate chronic hunger that affects one-sixth of the world's population.

Anyway, what can we do to help? Donate food to the food bank. Don't waste your own food. Recognize the not only is food a basic necessity, it is an unalienable human right. Champion that idea...

Thank you....that is all. :)