It's a Cookie Swap!

Yay! The holidays are here and I am working on our 2nd annual cookie swap. We are at a high this year with 13 people participating. We will have a potluck dinner and swap out cookies. We don't really have a lot of rules--just a "step it up" rule. That means, you can make chocolate chip cookies, but if you do--step it up. Make them really special.

Robin over at RobinsWeb has some handy tips to host your own cookie swap:

Important Cookie Exchange Planning Tips!
1) Send the invitations out a month before the party. Everyone's calendar fills up fast in December! I hold my Maryland party on Sunday afternoon. All the dads can watch the kids from the sofa in front of the football game. (Except my husband, he has to the leave the house and entertain the kids, he traditionally takes them to the movies.) The California ladies prefer a week-end evening. For your first exchange, take a poll and see what your attendees prefer.

2) Tell everyone to bake their cookies at least three days in advance. The biggest reason for no-shows is that they didn't have time to bake their cookies. This is the busiest time of year. Don't be upset if people that rsvp and say they are coming don't show up. I always invite way more than I expect to show. The average number that usually shows up for me is anywhere between 13-20. One year I had 23 confirmed and only 12 showed up. Usually two or three days before the exchange I say to myself "If this wasn't my party, I probably wouldn't go, I'm too busy!"

Another reason to bake the cookies early is so that they can "dry out" a bit. A freshly baked cookie is not a good cookie to transport. When we're swapping, we're piling different types of cookies on top of each other and the fresh ones crumble terribly, especially if it's a fragile cookie to begin with. After the cookies have been baked, they should sit out all night on a rack to cool and loose their moisture, with a piece of wax paper over them. Then you can put them into a cookie tin, with wax paper under and over them and between the layers.
I'm keeping my list here, so it's easy for everyone to find. You can ignore this part if you aren't part of my swap. :)

  1. Whitney — Pomegranate Linzer Cookies
  2. Vicki — Frosted Sugar Cookies
  3. Eva —Chocolate Mint Cookies
  4. Lisa — Chocolate Pinwheels
  5. Julie —Russian Tea Cakes Julie's had to drop out, but I am taking her cookies anyway--feel free to participate!
  6. Victoria —Pepparkakor Cookies
  7. Jocelyn — Rocky Road Candy
  8. April —
  9. Holly —
  10. Kara —
  11. Cindy —
  12. Stacey — Italian Fried Cookies
  13. Mary Beth —Poppy Seed Cookies
  1. Whitney — Salad
  2. Vicki — Penne Rustica
  3. Lisa — Salad
  4. Julie — Garlic Bread
  5. Victoria — Sparkling Grape Juice/Punch
  6. Jocelyn — Cheese & Crackers or Chips & Dip
  7. Carol — Cheese & Crackers or Chips & Dips
  8. April — Bottle of 7-UP or Sprite
  9. Holly — Orange Juice
  10. Kara — Sparkling Grape Juice/Punch
  11. Cindy — Veggie Side Dish
  12. Mary Beth — Garlic Bread


sharyncarlson said...

Thanks for sharing these cookie swap tips. I absolutely adore the image of the cookies! Did you make those? They are lovely :)